VMDR is the latest generation of ruggedized 4G cellular embedded vehicle camera system from Ventra.  With is solid state, fan-less design encased in a rugged metal housing, VMDR is purpose-built for both vehicle, asset and remote sites that require optimal performance in demanding environment.






VMDR is an 8 camera Mobile DVR system built for complete visibility, providing comprehensive interior and exterior coverage.  Equipped with a built-in cellular 4G connection, the VMDR delivers critical video, location, and sensor information to VentraCloud, an optional cloud-based video telematics service for real-time video, GPS tracking and event video storage platform.

Designed for maximum flexibility, VMDR is equipped with dual SD card slot with a total of 1TB storage capacity.  System continuously loops records to capture vital information without concern of storage limitation.  

Ventra video systems are extremely versatile and deployed in a wide range of vehicle, trailers, and specialized equipment such as forklifts, construction, and off highway vehicles.


Benefits of Ventra Video

  • Complete coverage and visibility
  • Enhance Safety, Security and Management
  • Know where and how
  • Mitigate risk for driver & organization
  • Unsafe driver coaching 
  • Incident documentation
  • Improve productivity and efficiency 
  • Increase revenue opportunities

Real-Time Visibility

VentraCloud subscription service provides real-time visibility to significantly enhance insight regardless of type of vehicle or industry. Use cases such as logistics and delivery companies to monitor personnel / cargo access, package delivery confirmation, theft, pilferage, and space utilization. Transit providers record ridership and incident documentation. Regardless of industry or application, Ventra VMDR is the optimal video solution

Applications & Industries

Logistics, Delivery and Commercial Fleets

Mass Transit, Shuttle and School Bus

Law Enforcement and First Responders

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Video Playback Option

Recorded videos can be viewed directly from the VMDR if an external LCD monitor is connected to the system.  SD card recordings can also be viewed on a PC via the VMDR desktop software. Footage can also be conveniently accessed and downloaded remotely via VentraCloud service. 

Affordable monthly plans and 6 month service contract