VentraCloud Video TeleMatics

Compatible with 
  • VDR-220
  • VDR-760
  • VMDR-888

KNOW - Who, What, Where and How

Cloud Features

Ventra cloud live viewing and data recovery provides a wealth of information to effectively manage any fleet. Whether you are on the go or behind the desk, remotely view video and location of vehicle , download data, and manage fleet effectively


Get video, snapshot and location when incidents occur for faster documentation

  • Complete view – road, driver, sides or interior
  • Conveniently view and download stored video footage remotely 
  • Reduce risk and improve safety
  • Get full insight of driver behavior, ridership, personnel and cargo in transit
  • Video verification of cargo and trailer condition
  • Help fight against cargo theft
  • Increase revenue by maximizing vehicle, asset and space utilization
  • Reduce data silos, improve customer communication and service

Video Telematics Solution

Real-time live viewing, GPS location, auto event video upload and archiving


VentraCloud is an optional monthly service that can be added anytime in the initial deployment, or at a later date, providing greater flexibility for organizations.

Cloud Access

Event Video Clips

Events videos, snapshot and location are automatically uploaded to VentraCloud and archived for 30 days


Event Video:  All System

  • Overspeed
  • Impact
VMDR-8 Series 

  • Alarm input ( 1 – 10)
  • Temperature
  • Barcode scan


Ventra Cloud Services

Empower organizations to stay on top of daily events and streamline fleet operations 

Still Have Questions?

We’d love to talk to you more about our cloud based options. Ventra systems can be utilized as standalone vehicle recorder, or subscribe to the optional cloud service for live viewing, event video upload and Telematics Solution.