Remote live video viewing, vehicle location and speed...
all at the convenience of your desk.

Ventra Telematics

Video Telematics Solution

Ventra Cloud Video TeleMatics provide real time live viewing, GPS location, auto event video upload and archiving for fleets of any size.

Ventra Cloud: Available with VDR-220 & VDR-760

Convenient + Flexible

VDR-220 and VDR-760 are equipped with built-in WiFi which tethers and utilizes WiFi hotspots from various external devices for connectivity and  transmission. If any of these connectivity options are available in the vehicle , it can be easily connected to the VDR system. 

With a wide range of convenient connection options, Ventra provides organization with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) options to connect and reduce deployment cost.


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Cloud Viewing

How it Works

Through WiFi connection, the VDR-220 and VDR-760 connect to a smartphone or desktop for optional cloud live viewing and GPS telematics.

Ways to connect your system for live viewing:

  • Cellular routers with WiFi 
  • Cellular equipped tablets with AUTO hotspot feature*   
  • Smartphones with AUTO hotspot capability feature*
  • MiFi  (portable MiFi / hotspots)


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Cloud Viewing Features

Ventra cloud live viewing and data recovery provides a wealth of information to effectively manage any fleet. Whether you are on the go or behind your desk you can live view any vehicle in your fleet, pull data, and manage effectively. 



Event Video Clips

Wealth of information to effectively manage the fleet. Events Video Clips are 20 seconds long and  automatically uploaded to VentraCloud

10 seconds pre + 10 seconds post

Event Video:



Greater Flexibility

Ventra Cloud Services

VentraCloud is an optional monthly service that can be added anytime in the initial deployment, or at a later stage in time, providing greater flexibility for organizations.


  • Convenience
  • No long term contracts (3 months)
  • Service can be added anytime
  • Monitor entire fleet or selected vehicles 
  • Cost effective

Still Have Questions?

We'd love to talk to you more about our cloud based options. Ventra systems can be utilized as standalone vehicle recorder, or subscribe to the optional cloud service for live viewing, event video upload and Telematics Solution.


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