EX4-BKT Rear Cable Cover

EX4-BKT cover provides additional protection and access to the cable connection on the rear of the XDR-450/D. The cover is mounted via 2 screws on the top section of the XDR. Different vandal resistant screws (not included) may be used by client.

This accessory is specifically used with the XDR-450D Mobile DVR.






Enhanced Security

The EX4-BKT is made of high endurance plastic and is an ideal accessory for enhanced Security. This cable is utilized for the following functions:

  1. 8 Input / 2 Output
  • High or Low Triggers
  • Supports 8 individual external device connection
  • Supports  2 individual external output connection 
  1. RS485 connection
  • PTZ Cameras
  1. Connection to EX4-PGM Tablet
  • Required for connecting XDR to EX4-PGM programming touchscreen tablet / LCD monitor

Features & Benfits

Minimize Dust Built-up

Additional Protection

Tamper Resistant

No Costly Monthly Fees or Contracts

Our products can be implemented as a standalone system, or as add-on enhancements to existing GPS / Telematics solutions.

Applications & Industries

Logistics, Delivery and Commercial Fleets

Local Government and Municipal Services

Law Enforcement and First Responders

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