Ventra VPD-736 blind spot vision and object detection system is the ultimate 3 in 1 turnkey video solution, providing unparalleled visibility for fleet vehicles. Commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or large delivery vans.

Commercial vehicle operators often have a difficult time seeing their surroundings, also known as blind spots. This can lead to accidents that could be prevented if drivers have a better view of their surroundings. 






Benefits of Ventra Video

The VPD delivers the optimal vision enhancement system to address blind spot issues with an integrated 3 – 1080P HD camera (2 sides and 1 rear), along with 6 rear proximity sensors that detect objects up to 8ft, displayed in a vivid 7” LCD monitor display with built-in video recording / playback to capture and view every single detail. 

  • Complete coverage of blind spots
  • Video recording function
  • Enhance Visibility, Safety, and Security 
  • Mitigate risk for driver & organization
  • Unsafe driver coaching 
  • Incident documentation
  • Improve productivity and efficiency 

Video Recording + Playback = Enhanced Security & Risk Mitigation

Intelligent LCD monitor with built-in recording function significantly enhances security with auto recording of all 4 cameras simultaneously, even while vehicle is parked, regardless which camera is displayed.

Applications & Industries

Logistics, Delivery and Commercial Fleets

Local Government and Municipal Services

Law Enforcement and First Responders

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No Costly Monthly Fees or Contracts

Our products can be implemented as a standalone system, or as add-on enhancements to existing GPS / Telematics solutions.