In the space of automotive tech, Ventra looks to hit the ground running in 2022. Having just won this year’s SEMA Global Media Award for outstanding consumer appeal in the world market, newfound excitement has gripped the company and the prospects for growth outside of the United States points towards a promising future.  

At the show, the goods were on full display with numerous vehicles sporting some of Ventra’s most innovative technology. The VDR-220 Dual Camera ruggedized system was a match made in heaven on an equally rugged custom Jeep. The pair showcased the intuitive nature of the product and just how easy implementing enhanced security for vehicle recording can be. 

Another product that took the stage was the RVC-1B license plate backup color camera. It seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of the vehicle while providing a distance guide-line, color CMOS chipset, RCA video connection, wide angle lens and rugged metal housing that makes for one of the most practical yet unassuming vehicle cameras available.

With numerous products and technology that’s getting the attention it has long deserved, Ventra is trending and looks primed to make another leap towards becoming one of the most prominent names in its field.


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