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Rear View Camera Kit

RVM Series - Single Or Dual Camera


The RVM series Rear / Side View Camera kits are available in two camera model option – EX4-XC2 and EX4-XC4. Each model is available in 33ft or 60ft length cable. Each RVM model is available in SINGLE or DUAL camera option as the VLCD-7 monitor supports dual video input.

VLCD-7 monitor always displays 1 camera as primary video. The 2nd camera can be momentarily activated by manual push button or via external trigger for approximately 5 seconds. VLCD monitor will automatically revert back to primary video channel.


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Features and Benefits

Reduce Blind Spots
Reduce Damage and Injury
Enhance Productivity
Improve Overall Safety

Rear View Camera System

Ventra rear / side view camera system is an industrial grade commercial vehicle safety solution ideal for any industry.

The system offers easy add-on integration suitable for any type of vehicle. Ventra rear view system greatly enhances overall safety and convenience.

Each camera is made of ruggedized metal for harsh outdoor and demanding environment. Delivering vivid day and night image with built-in IR LED for zero lighting condition.


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Applications & Industries

RVM Single / Dual

RVM Kit Models









No Costly Monthly Fees or Contracts

Our products can be implemented as a standalone system, or as add-on enhancements to existing GPS / Telematics solutions.


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