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Mobile DVR Cable

EX4-RJ45 IPC to RJ45 Ethernet Converter Cable

EX4-RJ45  IPC to Ethernet Converter cable provides integration of XDR-450D to external WiFi or Cellular Router. The EX4-RJ45 utilizes the IPC port and converts the channel to an Ethernet connection.  Since the EX4-RJ45 occupies the IPC port, the number of cameras that can be connected to the XDR will be reduced to 4. 

This cable is specifically used with the XDR-450D Mobile DVR.


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Features and Benefits

Remote Connection
Live Video Viewing
Vehicle Location

Cable Utilization

Connection for Remote Access

  • Remote live viewing
  • Vehicle location
  • Alarm and Event notification
  • Remote video clip download
  • OTA setting update


Additional Requirements

  • External WiFi or Cellular Router
  • EX4-SVR-SWR software
  • PC or Server for EX4-SVR-SWR
  • Dedicated Public IP address


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