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Mobile DVR Cable

EX4-CBLxx Patch Cable

Specifically designed for commercial and harsh demanding environments, the EX4-CBL and EX5-CBL cables are engineered for mobile environments that are subject to constant vibration, temperature fluctuation and harsh climate conditions.

This cable is specifically used with the XDR-450D Mobile DVR.


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Features and Benefits

Vibration Resistant
Easy and Convenient
Secured Connection
Enhanced Security

Cable Conection

EX4-CBLxx =  EX4-XC series cameras  (Analog D1 and AHD cameras)         (4 Pins)

EX4-CBLxx 4 Pin DIN patch cables are available in various lengths ranging from 9 to 60ft and transmits Video, Audio and Power.  By utilizing one cable connection, this greatly enhances overall convenience and additional security.

This cable is available in the following lengths:

EX4-CBL9  =  9ft cable, EX4-CBL15 = 15ft cable, EX4-CBL33 = 33ft cable, EX4-CBL60 = 60ft cable

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