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Mobile DVR Cable

EX4-ALC Trigger Cable – 8 Input / 2 Output

EX4-ALC alarm cable provides integration to external / 3rd party devices by providing 8 individual input connection and 2 output connections. 

This cable is specifically used with the XDR-450D Mobile DVR.


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The EX4-ALC provides integration to a multitude of external triggering devices such as door sensors, PIR motion sensors, thermostat, blinkers, stop arms, first responder lights…etc. When the external devices are triggered and sends the signal to XDR, the system can create an Event or Alarm to flag the recording for archive and ease of review.  

In addition, the EX4-ALC also provides connection to the EX4-PGM programming touchscreen tablet.

Features and Benefits

3rd Party Integration
Easy and Convenient

Cable Utilization

This cable is utilized for the following functions:

  1. 8 Input / 2 Output
  • High or Low Triggers
  • Supports 8 individual external device connection
  • Supports  2 individual external output connection 
  1. RS485 connection
  • PTZ Cameras
  1. Connection to EX4-PGM Tablet
  • Required for connecting XDR to EX4-PGM programming touchscreen tablet / LCD monitor

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Applications & Industries

  • EX4-ALC Includes

    • Cable

    See XDR-450D Manual for connection instructions

  • Documents & Software

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