If you’ve ever thought of video telematics as just a dashcam on someone’s truck, then there’s a lot more to it that you should know about. Video telematics is changing the way individuals, fleets, and entire organizations manage their vehicle operations. Ventra is a leading provider of innovative video telematics solutions that provide analytics, reporting capability, and easily customizable options. Our suite of vehicle-based video event records can be used for a diverse range of applications and industries. 

We’ve seen an array of organizations across many different industries adopt video telematics as a way to monitor videos in real-time, ensure the safety of their personnel and cargo, and provide enhanced security. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that Ventra video telematics is changing the future of vehicle, cargo, and personnel management. 

What Ventra Video Telematics Can Do For You

Having a powerful video telematics system provides data by onboard cameras and equipment that enable fleets to identify potential problems, evaluate new solutions, and ensure safety. Take our VentraCloud Video Telematics for example. It provides real-time viewing so that you can ensure compliance with safety guidelines and capture poor driving habits such as talking or texting. GPS location ensures that you always know exactly where your vehicles are, and auto event video upload keeps track of any events so that you have a complete history of any incidents. Vehicle video recording (via a dashcam), works seamlessly through a Wi-Fi network and is designed to monitor and improve driving behavior and ultimately reduce costs related to driving incidents. Devices in vehicles that already operate via Wi-Fi can also leverage that connection, which in turn reduces costs related to hardware or upgrades. 


This information is not only important to an organization, but to insurance companies, drivers, and other stakeholders involved in operations. When you use a video telematics system like VentraCloud, you’re safeguarding against potential losses, litigation, accidents, and more. When you have an accurate history of data that reflects everything happening in your fleet or vehicle, you enhance safety and security. 

Ventra Goes Beyond Driving & Fleets 

Video telematics is not only crucial for fleets and drivers, but can also be used to enhance safety, security, and personnel operations relating to cargo and the supply chain. Ventra offers a range of products such as body cams, LCD monitors, and more that can be used in a multitude of different industries and applications. You can connect a smartphone or desktop to our cloud viewing system, giving you access to crucial data and video at any time. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as a vaccine begins to emerge, the supply chain will need to ensure efficiency and insight into cargo distribution. The VentraCloud video telematics system is multi-use and can be implemented to ensure cargo is safe. Remote management of vehicles and cargo is critical to combatting theft, negligent behavior, and accidents. 

You Can Rely On Ventra Video Telematics

With the ability to monitor videos in real-time, track locations, access and archive events, and so much more, an array of industries are adopting powerful video telematics systems from Ventra. Advancements in onboard video systems give decision-makers important data and insights about driver behavior, risk of incidents, and even problems related to routes and roads. This can save time and mitigate issues by finding roads that are consistently problematic or have an unusual amount of incidents or crashes taking place. 

Ventra is proud to be a leader in offering powerful video telematics solutions that can be used in a variety of industries. You can improve your safety and security today through intuitive analytics and software, powerful hardware, and essential video data. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our VentraCloud Video Telematics solution can help you, contact us at info@ventrainc.com or click here.