Last year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an influx in theft and other risks to the supply chain. According to CargoNet’s 2020 Theft Trend Analysis, there was a year-over-year 16% increase in supply chain risk events across the United States and Canada. This is most likely related to an increase in expensive shipments of medical supplies related to COVID-19. Thieves are targeting truck stops, retailer parking lots, and other sites where cargo could be left unattended. 

As we enter 2021 the COVID-19 vaccine and other important medical supplies will begin being shipped. CargoNet also points out that household commodities were the most stolen kind of freight in 2020. This includes household paper goods, cleaning supplies, furniture, appliances, and more. This begs one very important question: how safe is our supply chain from theft and risks in the new year? Given that supply chain risks have continually increased year-over-year, it’s easy to estimate that risks will continue throughout the new year. An effective solution for mitigating supply chain theft and other risks is through the use of video telematics. 

Fleets should take a comprehensive approach to their security by taking advantage of total video insight. Implementing video solutions provides an added layer of security and a history of thefts and risks. It will also enhance visibility and security in the entire supply chain, helping identify areas of weakness. Being able to document incidents and respond to them immediately can lead to long term solutions for theft. 

Ventra’s innovative suite of video event recorders can be used for a diverse range of applications and industries. Ventra Cloud Video Telematics provides real-time live viewing, GPS location, auto event upload, and more for fleets of any size. Fleets will have an event history inquiry and the ability to document everything inside of and around their trucks. Beyond fleets and vehicle recording, Ventra’s solutions are versatile and can be implemented at any point in the supply chain. 

Delivery vehicles, such as those used for last-mile delivery and long-hauls, intermodal carriers, and other vehicles should implement video telematics to ensure safety. The convenient and flexible systems offered by Ventra make using video telematics easy. Companies involved in the supply chain will have access to cloud viewing, important event data, and remote video playback. This means that any industry that utilizes the supply chain can benefit from the effectiveness of Ventra’s video telematics to mitigate theft and other risks. 

With cargo theft and pilferage on the rise, video telematics solutions are a must for the supply chain in 2021. Ventra offers versatile solutions that can be used in a diverse range of applications. Mitigating risks, capturing event history, and ensuring the safety of cargo is just the beginning of what Ventra systems can accomplish for the supply chain.