Applications / Industries

Ventra Technology has video safety solutions to fit a wide range of personal or commercial needs. We deliver video solution programs and effective risk measurements for an array of applications and industries. Through our technology and innovative software we can help you protect your fleet or family. 

Logistics & Delivery

Law Enforcement

Taxis & Limos

Buses, Shuttles & Trams

Towing & Services

Shuttles & Courtesy Vehicles

Personal Use

Travel & Recreation

Medical Transportation

Fire Truck

Recycling & Sanitation

Utility & Service Vehicles

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, supervise a mobile sales/service staff or help safeguard your family, the applications for Ventra vehicle recorders are immense. Utilized in both personal as well as commercial fleet applications, Ventra vehicle recorders can be easily implemented in a wide range of applications.

No Costly Monthly Fees or Contracts

Our products can be implemented as a standalone system, or as add-on enhancements to existing GPS / Telematics solutions.


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