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Ventra recorders may be implemented as a standalone system, or
an add-on enhancement to existing GPS / Telematics solutions
Easy To Setup, Implement and Manage - Ideal for any Vehicles or Application
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At Ventra, our main focus is devoted to enhancing the safety of drivers. We value the importance of safe driving and the impact it has on a family or an organization.

That is why Ventra vehicle cameras are designed to be reliable, Easy to Install, Operate – most importantly, a cost effective solution that can be implemented in each and every vehicle. Our unique approach is to offer the system at an affordable one-time cost without any recurring monthly subscription fee.

Ventra vehicle safety solutions are intuitively designed so that it can be easily deployed in any type of vehicles from cars, vans, buses, light rail to specialized vehicles. .

That is what sets Ventra apart and making it one of the most innovative systems on the market.

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